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Dan & Emily


This glass mosaic (zoomed in above) designed for Emily and Dan,  intertwines colors and symbols to celebrate their union.

Emily is represented on the left of the piece in purples and Dan is on the right in blues. The couple’s brown eyes meet in the middle to rest their heads against each other.

Right above where the two head’s meet, sits the Star of David.

Emily’s brown locks of hair flow off of her face through the left side of the piece. The Hebrew letters, Ani L‘ Dodi V’ Dodi Li, “I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me” glisten in gold against the locks of mosaiced hair. The gold shimmers in Emily’s figure and weaves through the Star of David to Dan’s figure landing at the Chai symbol.

Dan’s face is molded with deep blues, as bright glass cracks and radiates off his figure into the top right of the piece. Sheets of colors intertwine through the figures connecting their energy and wrapping it with their exciting love.

[Stained glass grouted on window pane]

Key images in the piece include (numbered above):

1. Star of David                                                   5. Menorah
2. Ani L’Dodi V’ Dodi Li                                  6. 10 Commandments
3. Chai                                                                  7. Torah
4. The Kiddish Cup                                            8. Dreidel

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